AZ Financial Advisor discusses Market Volatility August 2015

Arizona Financial Advisor Aug 2015 Volatility Update

ARIZONA Financial Advisor Teresa Bear Explains Factors Influencing the Recent (August 2015) Market Volatility and What Investors Can Do to Cope. Stock markets around the world experienced a sharp pullback and severe volatility on fears about how a slowing Chinese economy might affect the global economic outlook. Though stocks gained … Continue reading

Flipping the Script on the Gender Pay Gap

child plant

Despite increased efforts to narrow the financial gap between men and women, there’s still no shortage of cultures that prioritize males when it comes to divvying up the monetary spoils. In China, when divorcing couples can’t agree on how to divide their assets, the family home typically goes to the … Continue reading

Arizona Retirement Income Planning – Are you Prepared


You can’t pick up a newspaper or magazine or scan Internet headlines today without seeing something about the challenges of retirement and new surveys about how unprepared people are. Yes, it’s a concern. But consider for a moment that, really, it’s a personal one. You can solve your own concerns … Continue reading

Bad Behavior

Five of the world’s biggest banks recently pleaded guilty to colluding to manipulate currency and interest rate markets. Apparently, by agreeing not to buy or sell at certain times, the traders protected each other’s positions and suppressed competition in the foreign exchange market. Collectively, these banks will pay penalties totaling … Continue reading

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