Arizona College Debt Levels are Increasing for Older Adults

Arizona College Education Financing

FINANCING COLLEGE ARIZONA FINANCIAL PLANNING Arizona Seniors are Carrying more College Debt and Facing New Challenges for Repayment Going back to college as a grown adult is a big decision. In the long run, the skills and knowledge acquired from additional education can help land a higher-paying job. The question … Continue reading

Arizona Economic Growth Includes Startup Companies

Financial Planning Tempe Arizona

TEMPE ARIZONA FINANCIAL PLANNER Entrepreneurial Boom Continues to Rise as Larger Companies Partner with Startups The jobs report from January 2016 revealed gains in some industries and declines in others, with the net result putting the unemployment rate at 4.9 percent, roughly the same as the month before. Areas on … Continue reading

Arizona Retirement Planning May Include Relocation

Arizona Retirement Planning Housing

RETIREMENT PLANNING TEMPE ARIZONA FINANCIAL PLANNER Arizona Retirees Consider Retirement Housing Arrangements that Optimize Lifestyle There often are two schools of thought among new retirees: (1) Stay put, or (2) “Get out of Dodge.” For those interested in moving, there’s a proliferation of questions to address. For example, where would … Continue reading



Phoenix Arizona Investment Adviser Teresa Bear Cautions Phoenix Investors to Look at How Major Historical Events Affect the Market Before Investing. Last week I received my early ballot for the “Presidential Preference” Election here in Arizona. Currently, the red team has 4 candidates – Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, John Kasich … Continue reading

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