Nemoy – A Gentle Man

During Memorial Day weekend in 2012 I found myself at the Phoenix Convention Center surrounded by aliens, treekies, freeks and geeks of all stripes.  It was my first visit to a Comicon.

Our purpose?  To meet Leonard Nemoy.  After waiting in long lines to check in, we waited in another long line to get our picture taken with Mr. Nemoy.  Walk in, exchange greetings, pose, “FLASH!”, walk out.  The photo op lasted less than a minute.

Teresa Bear Leonard Nemoy

The photo captures that brief brush with celebrity. However, a far less intimate encounter later that day left a more lasting impression.

At a Comicon, it is customary for guest artists to participate in “panels”.  The size of the room used is directly proportional to the popularity of the the guest.  Nemoy’s panel was in the largest ballroom of the convention center.  It probably seated several thousand people.  The audience was asked to silence their cell phones and Mr. Nemoy arrived.

Leonard Nemoy’s speech was probably one that he had given many times before in similar venues.  It was funny, enlightening and entertaining.  However, the part I remembered most was unscripted.

In the middle of his talk, a single cell phone rang loud and clear.  Leonard looked down and answered his phone.  Everyone in the audience clearly heard his side of the conversation with his wife.


—–(wife speaking)—-

“I’m talking with some friends”

The whole ballroom erupted with laughter.

What happened next was what made the biggest impression on me.  Mr Nemoy kept on talking to her.  30 seconds later he hung up and resumed his speech.

I put myself in his place – delivering a speech in a room full of people when my husband calls. I probably wouldn’t have answered the phone or if I did answer it, would have said “I’m busy, and can’t talk right now”. Leonard did not.  He made sure that he gave full attention to the love of his life – his wife Susan.

Leonard Nemoy played a stoic Vulcan.  It must have been a stretch for this kind, gentle man.

Live Long and Prosper!

Political Environment – the Battle Begins in Earnest

The economy is in good shape for starting a new year, but lines have already been drawn in the sand where our political engine is concerned. Republicans have a long list of pent-up priorities, including the Keystone Pipeline, repealing portions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and reversing the president’s executive action enabling about 5 million undocumented immigrants to remain in the U.S.

Though wielding somewhat less power, Democrats and the administration will continue to focus on tax reform, infrastructure funding and foreign trade.

[CLICK HERE to read the report, “CIO Outlook: Themes for 2015 and Beyond,” from Merrill Lynch, Winter 2015.]

[CLICK HERE to read the article, “GOP agenda for Congress: Challenge Obama, prove they can govern,” from, Jan. 6, 2015.]

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Despite holding a majority in both houses of Congress, Republicans may have trouble overturning previous legislation. However, there are strategies available to help them. One is the budget reconciliation process, a one-time per year tactic that requires only 51 votes in the Senate as opposed to the 60 needed to overcome a Democratic filibuster. Note that this tactic may be used only for budget-related items. For example, it could repeal tax subsidies offered on the health care exchanges, but it cannot be applied to the individual or employer health care mandates.

[CLICK HERE to read the article, “Republicans eye reconciliation route in bid to repeal Obamacare,” from The Washington Times, Jan. 1, 2015.]

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Republicans may be able to successfully pass laws in both chambers of Congress, but the president has the power to veto, and he has confirmed that he will do so for any legislation that threatens the viability of the health care act. This may prove to be a challenging prospect for opponents, because to overturn a veto they must have a two-thirds vote in both the House and the Senate.

[CLICK HERE to read the article, “Obama on GOP Congress: I’ll probably need my veto pen,” from USA Today, Dec. 29, 2014.]

While the new dynamic in Washington is sure to make for interesting headlines this year, it’s important that we don’t become distracted by politics. When it comes to making our own financial decisions, some of the most important factors are our personal goals, tolerance of market risk and timeline for when we need money. Please contact us for help in making independent decisions this year.

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