Clients for Life

The first tax-filing season under the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has come and gone. If you’re keeping up with the news, you’ll know that a lot of taxpayers have been surprised by their tax refunds this year. Some were pleased, but others found they owed more than they expected. Continue reading

Take Another Look at Life Insurance

Today, more Americans are getting their life insurance through their employer rather than purchasing a policy on the individual market, according to LIMRA, an industry market research firm. At the same time, fewer employers are offering life insurance as a benefit. LIMRA research showed 23 percent fewer employers offered life insurance in 2017 compared with 2006. Continue reading

The Theory of Longevity

The factors determining how and when one dies often remain a mystery. Consider comedian George Burns who, despite being an avid cigar smoker for 75 years, lived to age 100. Continue reading

Women in the Workplace

People are living longer, which also means more people are working longer, either because they want to stay engaged or they need more time to prepare for a longer retirement. Unfortunately, these trends haven’t made ageism any less prominent. One researcher found careers tend to peak at age 45 for men and age 40 for women. Employees beyond that age are less likely to be considered for promotions. Continue reading

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